Knight f6 checkmate!

By Daniel Kelly | Posted: Tuesday June 19, 2018

Kavanagh's senior chess team is developing nicely, and they have a new weapon this year in the form of Alison Latawan (Year 9).

Congratulations to the Kavanagh senior chess team who competed in the Otago-Southland Secondary Interschool Team Championship on Saturday, June 16th.

After 5 hours of gruelling play, Kavanagh managed to place third-equal. Given that two years ago we placed 8th, and last year we placed 5th, this is an encouraging result. Certainly, our senior chess team is getting stronger and developing nicely.

Some individual results were very pleasing, too, with our newest team member, Alison Latawan, outclassing most of her opponents and recording 5 wins from 7 games.  Tobias Brennan also managed 5 wins on board 4.  Joshua Chen showed his class by winning his blitz game in a high-pressure play-off at the end of the tournament. And Andrew Wilson, who captained the team, went very close to beating two of the top players in the tournament.

At the time of writing, the Junior chess team is preparing to compete in the Intermediate competition, hosted by Kavanagh College on Saturday 23rd June. It is heartening to see the growing interest in chess and the increasing strength of our chess teams in recent years.

- Mr Kelly

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