Cultural Awards 2021

By Tor Devereux | Posted: Tuesday September 21, 2021

Wednesday 20 October 2021, 7pm, Kavanagh College Auditorium

All students who are receiving Merit, Excellence or Blues Awards for their involvement in school cultural activities this year will be recognised at the Cultural Awards on 20 October. These students should have received an invitation already and their names are also listed below. If you are unable to attend, please advise Tor Devereux ( by Friday 1 October.

Students who are receiving Service Awards will be presented with these at an Assembly after the Cultural Awards.

The following students have been invited to the Cultural Awards Evening:

Nevaeh Aitcheson, Sarah Al-Balushi, Lachie Allibone, Eirean Artus, Manaia Barns, Jack Be, Elliot Blair, Krystal-Lee Boyd, Sophie Bracegirdle, Ethan Bremner, Joseph Brennan, Jakira Brophy, Raylene Butler-Gage, Jamaica Cabantoc, Daniel Cairns, Holly Cairns, Levi Cairns, Karl Caragay, Paige Carey, Christopher Caulton, Stella Caulton, Jennifer Cherkun, Meg Christophers, Tamzin Clarke, Ewen Clarke-Wallace, Liam Clifford, Patrick Cotter, Emily Cresswell, Evie de Graaf, Ruby de Graaf, Tobias Devereux, Lauren Dick, Jess Evans, Chloe Farr, Molly-Jane Gallagher, April Gamao, Enrique Garcia, Adi Garnett, Hayley Golden, Sophie Golden, Liam Gould, Jacob Green-Brough, Jamie Hall, Phoebe Harris, Monique Hollis-Pye, Luca Holloway, Serenity Hook, Jacob Hurd-Vial, Hannah Jaquiery, Anamika Jones, Joseph Kelly, Kate Kelly, Nuala Kelly, Samuel Kelly, Emily Kelsall, Sophia Kevill, Kupa Kiri, Troy Kubala, Ruby La Hood, Melina Lam Cheung, Henry Lapham, Alison Latawan, Amalie Latton, Matthew Lemon, Anahera Lewis, Oliver Lodge, Michael Louw-Young, Brent Manangan, Te Kahui Mariu-Boreham, Bailey Martin, Ciana McIver, Robert McKenzie, Isobel Mckewen, Jeremy Meikle, Heath Middleton, Hollie Moloney, Jemma Mortimer, Riley Mortimer, Matthew Mosley-O'Leary, Launga Muasika, Ethan O'Brien, Leah Olsen, Lucilyn Ongcoy, Olivia Oram, Aya Oseki, Liana Paerata, Hineaupounamu Parata-Wineti, Cooper Pauley, Cody Paulsen, Jack Pearson-Howell, Joe Peters, Anna Peyroux, Oliver Peyroux, Ellen Redfearn, Isla Reeves, Monty Robertson, Oscar Robertson, Hayley Roding, Beatrice Schonwald, Ola Shittu, Sean Small, Hermione Sparks, Siobhan Stevenson, Meadow Stewart, Maria Stoff, Keisha Su'a, Imogen Sullivan, Levi Tainui, Isaac Tili, Therese Tili, Lexie Tomlinson, Jessica Tupai, Grzegorz Twardowski, Chloe Uluakiola, Oliver Waide, Holly Waterworth, Drew White, Quinn Wilson, Ceira Wrathall, Nahvaya Wrathall.