NZQA National Student Number (NSN) Cards

By Mike Waterworth | Posted: Sunday July 1, 2018

NSN cards are being distributed to Year 11 - 13 students by tutor teachers this week.

NSN cards are important for NZQA processes. Students need to make sure that they collect their NSN card from their tutor teacher and do the following two things:

1. Check that the address details on the card are correct. If they aren't students need to see Mr Waterworth to have them up-dated. The address on the card is where NZQA information will be sent and exam papers will be returned to.

2. Year 11 students (and any Year 12 or Year 13 students who haven't previously) need to register on-line at the NZQA learner login. To do this they follow the instructions on the back of the card. This will enable students to view their results on-line, access their exam results, request copies of their Record of Learning etc.

If there are any NZQA related questions or problems please make contact with Mr Waterworth -