ICAS Competitions

By Daniel Kelly | Posted: Wednesday October 20, 2021

Most of the ICAS competition dates have been moved due to last term's disruption.

Below are the rescheduled times to be held at Kavanagh. 

If your child is taking part and you know they will be unable to attend for some reason, please contact Mr Kelly as soon as possible:

Week 1 Friday Period 1 ICAS Writing (Oct 22nd) in D12

Week 2 Friday Period 4 ICAS English (Oct 29th) in D12

Week 3 Tuesday Period 2 ICAS Science (Nov 2nd) in D25

Week 3 Thursday Period 2 ICAS Maths (Nov 4th) in D12

Week 3 Friday Period 1 ICAS Spelling (Nov 5th) in D12