Principal's Message

By Kate Nicholson | Posted: Thursday October 28, 2021

Hope is such a big word.

It is forward looking, it has promise, it is positive, and it holds up our dreams and visions. Hope is also a word used in scriptures and a word that the early Christians held to so tightly after Jesus’ death. At this stage of the year, with ongoing uncertainty and change in front of us, hope is again a very big word! As Christians, we are so fortunate to have our faith when times get tough. When the future seems unclear, and we are unsure how to proceed or what decisions to make, and with the possible consequences of a covid affected summer ahead of us, it is easy to get into a negative spiral and lose motivation. Our children are the same and we know it is important to keep lifting them up even when we are finding it hard to be uplifted ourselves. We need to remember our faith and teach them that God always has a plan for us, and we need to trust in Him. Talking about Jesus at home, remembering to pray, encouraging faith and hope, means our young people will learn to turn to prayer and Jesus during the tough times. I know that we are not good at remembering Him when life is going well but I am sure that he also forgives us for that. Let’s model faith, hope and love to the tamariki and rangatahi in our lives.

I emailed all our parents yesterday with information regarding changes to Term Four events. As I said at the very successful Cultural Awards on Tuesday evening, most clouds have a silver lining, and the ability to invite others to our awards ceremonies via livestreaming is wonderful. Many of these people would otherwise not be able to attend and they can now be part of these important events. Thank you to Mr Nathan Sortehaug, prefect Riley Mortimer, and the competent IT team we have in school, who are getting better with every event! The changes have been a lot of extra work for various people, and I really appreciate their ongoing commitment to ensuring our events are a success.

As our year 13s start to count down the final days of their time at school, we wish them well as they take the best of what they have learned at Kavanagh with them out into the ‘big, wide, world’. They have been a wonderful group and we will miss them.

Ka kite