Cultural Awards 2021

By Tor Devereux | Posted: Wednesday November 3, 2021

The Cultural Awards evening which took place on Tuesday 2 November was a wonderful celebration of the vibrant cultural community at Kavanagh College.

 Although whānau could not be with us in the Auditorium to share the occasion, the event was live streamed and we know that many people watched online and were able to share in the celebration in this alternative way.

A big thank you to the many Kavanagh students who have shared their passion for the performing arts and their talents with us throughout the year and congratulations to all those who received an award in recognition of their achievements. We experienced a sample of this talent during the Cultural Awards with a number of performances including musical items, dance and kapa haka.

The winners of the cups and trophies at the Cultural Awards were:

Drama Trophy:   Ellen Redfearn

Harger Trophy: Kate Kelly

Tried and True Award: Jennifer Cherkun

Dancer’s Cup: Phoebe Harris

Rising Star Award:  Anamika Jones

Cultural Committee Cup: Samuel Kelly

Director’s Cup: Kate Kelly

Theatre Sports Cup: Enrique Garcia & Samuel Kelly

Peeking Duck and KTVN Award: Daniel Cairns & Jacob Hurd-Vial

The Paris Cup: Quinn Wilson

The Farry Cup: Sarah Al-Balushi & Manaia Barns

John McKewen Trophy: Tobias Devereux

Stephen Chambers Cup: Lexie Tomlinson

Top Composer Cup: Tobias Devereux

A Tempo Trophy: Jakira Brophy

Pasifika Vibes Leadership Award: Melina Lam Cheung

Kaea Wahine: Keisha Su’a

Kaea Tāne: Isaac Tili

Year 7 & 8 Cultural Cup: Joseph Kelly

Junior Cultural Cup: Oliver Lodge & Isaac Tili

Senior Cultural Cup: Jakira Brophy

Students who were awarded a Cultural Blue this year were:

Ethan Bremner, Jakira Brophy, Jennifer Cherkun, Tobias Devereux, Enrique Garcia, Adi Garnett, Liam Gould, Anamika Jones, Kate Kelly, Samuel Kelly, Troy Kubala, Melina Lam Cheung, Amalie Latton, Riley Mortimer, Ellen Redfearn, Oscar Robertson, Siobhan Stevenson, Keisha Su’a, Lexie Tomlinson, Quinn Wilson.

You can view the Cultural Awards here.