G & T Unit on Japan made complete with a Japanese cooking lesson

By Maggie McGarry | Posted: Sunday July 2, 2017

Naoko Inone-Kudo, a PHD student at the University of Otago, imparts her knowledge about Japanese cooking with Kavanagh and St Mary's students

To complete the 2017 Gifted and Talented unit on Japan, Kavanagh and St Mary's Gifted and Talented students were treated to a two-hour cooking and eating session with Japanese teacher Naoko Inone-Kudo. Many thanks to the Kavanagh College Food Technology Department for lending us your space and making this lesson possible.

Naoko engaged the class with learning how to make sushi, miso soup and shiratama - a Japanese sweet consisting of glutinous rice, soya powder and sugar.   Students did an outstanding job in attempting to make a range of foods. They also endeavoured to sample and enjoy the wide range of cuisine on offer. 

In addition, they gained a cultural experience from the lesson. Naoko came dressed in her grandmother's traditional kimono, she also taught Japanese food and chopstick etiquette to the students.  Two hours was not enough to cover all we wished to achieve with this food lesson, but I am sure students received a taste of what Japan has to offer.

Thank you, Naoko, for bestowing your time and wisdom about Japan. Your contribution assists in sowing the seeds of understanding the global culture within our schools.  

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