New Timetable Structure 2022

By Kate Nicholson | Posted: Tuesday February 1, 2022

This year will bring about some changes in reponse to our external pastoral review.

One stand-out piece of feedback from staff and students was the low value of tutor time that we schedule for first thing in the morning. Therefore we have looked at ways to increase the value of this time from a pastoral, mentoring and administrative point of view. To accomplish this, we will be having fewer tutor times, but making each one longer. We are also going to change their placement in the timetable which will mean that the first thing happening at school every day is the period one class and it will be important that students are at school ready to begin learning by the time this starts at 8.50am every morning.

Secondly, we are moving to to a 2-2-1 period structure for our five periods a day. This model has worked very well in many other schools to maximise learning time during the day. Effectively, this means there will only be one period after lunch.

Thirdly, we will remove the period five Wednesday option for senior students to finish the day early. Instead, period one Thursday will become a focussed study class (which will also include mentoring and careers education) for all year 11s and 12s, and a non-teaching period for year 13s within a bespoke system implemented by the year 13 deans. All students will now be in class and at school until 3pm on a Wednesday.