Congratulations to Kavanagh College's Spelling Bee Champions!

By Maggie McGarry | Posted: Monday July 3, 2017

Riley Mortimer, Mitchell Stewart, Rosa Latton and Tobias Devereux made the top 200 national spellers in the 2017 New Zealand Spelling Bee

Riley, Mitchell, Rosa and Tobias will now go on to compete at the Dunedin semifinal event on  1st August in Dunedin. The top 18 semi-finalists will advance to the 2017 New Zealand Spelling Bee Final on Saturday 28th October in Wellington. 

To prepare for the next level of this competition, it is suggested the students should study their next list of  100 words, spend the holidays reading the newspaper and writing down new words they don't know, look up wordlists online and to read a dictionary is also beneficial. 

All the best to the Kavanagh College Spelling Bee A team! Kavanagh College staff and students are super proud of you all!