Year 7 and 8 teams at the O'Mathalon

By Sarah Henderson | Posted: Monday September 10, 2018

Last Thursday afternoon, eight Year 7 students and eight Year 8 students spent the afternoon competing in the annual 'Number Works 'n' Words O'Mathalon'.

The event required the teams to solve problem solving questions and then run them up to their marker once they thought they had the solution. All the teams found the event challenging but had a lot of fun! 

"It was fun but also challenging. I would love to do it again!" - Iris Gallagher, Year 7. 

"I really liked the O'Mathalon. I got quite tired near the end of it but I still really enjoyed it." - Oliver Lodge, Year 7. 

"It was fun running around. I would love to do it again next year!" - John Ramos, Year 7. 

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