Ski camp 31/8-2/9

By Anna Kaarill | Posted: Wednesday September 5, 2018

Friday afternoon we were around 30 excited students leaving for skiing. The mood was high and loud music was played on our way.

When we arrived to the Otago Ski Club in Coronet Peak we chilled in the lounge and the pool room. We had to wake up early Saturday morning so we could get all our ski gear. Everyone started the day with a lesson before hitting the slopes in the afternoon. It was a great day for skiing even though the snow was a bit icy in the beginning.

After dinner that day we had the opportunity to go to Queenstown and have a look around the town, which most of us did. It was my first time in Queenstown and it was pretty cool.

Sunday morning we had to pack our things down and clean the ski club. We had another awesome day of skiing with a little bit of new snow.
The ride home was considerably quieter, and everybody was tired and sore.
It was a well-organised trip. I had a great weekend and I had the impression that everyone had a great time skiing, beginners as well as experienced.

Anna, exchange student from Denmark 

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