Kavanagh College students placed 6th in the EPro8 Challenge - an engineering and problem-solving race!

By Maggie McGarry | Posted: Monday July 31, 2017

Molly Colbert, Lachie Allibone, Sarah Al-Balushi and Guin Wilson displayed outstanding teamwork in the race of minds.

EPro8 has teams of talented students compete in a range of engineering skills. Students must:

  • build large sized structures
  • solve practical problems
  • engineer using pulleys, motors, gears, wheels and axles
  • invent machines that can complete simple tasks
  • undertake unusual and fun experiments
  • construct basic electronic circuits
  • solve interesting problems using practical maths

Kavanagh is proud of the outcome of our Year 8 team, especially as we have not been involved in the competition for some time. Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and Sarah Al-Balushi said, "We all would love to do it again and take part as a Year 9 team. Next time we will go into it with a better plan."

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