Pompallier wins the 2017 Athletic Sports

By Kavanagh Staff | Posted: Friday February 24, 2017

There was a lot of house spirit displayed at the Caledonian on February 20.

The day started cool but warmed up and the sun eventually shone. There were some excellence performances in both track and field, as well as the ever popular novelty events. 

Under 12 girl & boy champions - Jamaica Cabantoc and Aiden Hurd-Vial

Under 13 girl & boy champions- Shannya McRae Platten and Torin Webb

Under 14 girl & boy champions- Erika Fairweather and Peter Sewell

Under 15 girl & boy champions- Holly Trainor-Ulukiola and Nik Dohig

Under 16 girl & boy champions- Eva Hofmans and Will Campbell

Over 16 girl & boy champions- Matile Ioane & Isabella Young and Tim O'Farrell

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