Year 7 Science at the Aquarium!

By Sarah Henderson | Posted: Tuesday November 13, 2018

On Monday, all four of our Year 7 classes went to the Aquarium to learn about habitats, sea life and adaptations for the beginning of our Science unit on Ecology.

When we arrived at the aquarium, we saw an amazing tank full of beautiful fish and other sea creatures. After this, we sat down in the Education room and we talked about what would happen throughout the day and were split into groups. The first group looked at different sea predators and scavengers and different plants which they eat and then went into the touch tanks. The second group looked at different sea animals in some of the tanks like an octopus and were learning about their habitats. The third group went into the laboratory and dissected Dog Fish sharks to understand their senses and comparing how their bodies work and how our bodies work. We finished off the day looking at a food web and comparing what different fish and humans eat. 

Some of our highlights:

"I enjoyed getting to put the starfish onto my hand" - Daisy Jarvie

 "I enjoyed dissecting the shark but it was so smelly" - Monty Roberston 

"I enjoyed learning about all the creatures and some of the habits they have that we don't" - Elizabeth Tagg

"I found it interesting that we were able to touch some of the creatures because they have an exo-skeleton" - Zak Phillips 

"I really liked picking up the crabs and trying to find them when they were camouflaged" - Ruby de Graaf. 

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