By Marina Harris | Posted: Monday June 3, 2019

8CAM have been focusing on Creative Writing for English this Term.

We have been looking at our senses and language features that can add both depth and description in our writing. We used the writing prompt of a concert experience, where the class needed to find a clip of a favourite band in concert, and then use that clip to tease out senses and then write a descriptive piece of writing about it. Christian Mullens has used a concert clip from a SIX60 concert for his writing prompt – enjoy!

"As I walked into the stadium I heard the low murmur of the anxious crowd. I also noticed the smell of spilt drinks and rank body odour descend on the crowd, like a heavy mist. I tasted and smelt the heavy aroma of smoke on my pallet. A ripple of excitement spread throughout the crowd as the concert began with dimming lights. I slowly picked at my chips I had bought earlier. They had the nice lingering taste of salt and fried potatoes on my tongue. A projector flashed a recursion image like a recurring nightmare. The song began with long drawn out lyrics “Don’t Give it Up”. The crowd cheered as if it were its last.

I eventually heard the noise die down as the audience travelled into the verses of the song. The music was like a river travelling downstream. It started slowly but was picking up speed as other streams joined the river. I heard the crowd cheer as the song came back to the chorus. It was a tremendous noise. I felt the soft fabric of nylon as my hand brushed the jacket of another fan that was working herself into a frenzy of hoots and hollers of praise. I myself, decided to join the whistling and cheering. It sounded as if it were an airport but the difference was here, nobody wanted to get out! But eventually like all good things, it ended with one final brought out cheer. I saw the lights flash in a hypnotic way overhead. A hazy blue and sharp red in a constant battle to dominate the L.E.D board. I felt the crowd shuffling out of the stadium. I smelled the fresh air. It was a likable change from being in the midst of body odour and alcohol stench."