Chamber Music - Regional Final

By Katrina Kerr-Bell | Posted: Tuesday June 25, 2019

Sebastian Hook's group performed fantastically at the Regional Final, at The Piano, in Christchurch on Sunday 23 June

The group won the Bronze Award. The players received a huge appraisal and the performance of the group was definitely one of the most entertaining. 

Piece performed :Irisches Trio for Trumpet, Trombone and Piano, 1st and 3rd movements Allegro giocoso, Scherzo by Jan Koetsier 

Some comments of Adjudicators, Doug Beilman & Leni Hoischen : A lovely and very entertaining performance 

1st Movement - Great energy and drama right from the start, fabulous dynamic contrasts! Stunning trombone technique in the fast staccato bits! Lovely vibrato by the trombonist which matched so well. 

3rd movement - Stunning playing with great precision. The trio was lovely, great intonation in the pianissimo long notes at the end. So impressive high level of brass playing