Term 2 Library Review

By Colette Mahoney | Posted: Wednesday July 3, 2019

It has been a busy and productive term in the library

In the cold winter months, the library is a warm place to read, study and socialise. Gameday Fridays have been a success with new games played and new friends made. We will finish the term with our last game day tomorrow.

Our photo competition is well underway. The entries have been impressive and creative. The honorable Mr Drury will judge the best photo and the winner will be announced later today.

There is still time to come in and stock up on your holiday reading. The holidays are a perfect time to read those books you may not have time for during the school term. Don't forget our ebooks and audiobooks. We have a fantastic selection and they can be issued anytime.

Have a safe and fun holiday, I look forward to seeing you in the library next term.