Kento Watanabe, Japan, Year 13

By Kento Watanabe | Posted: Wednesday December 2, 2015

In my Kavanagh, Dunedin and NZ life for 3 years, Ive experienced a lot ofthings that would not be possible to experience in high school life in Japan.

I feel really happy that I could study in Kavanagh for 3 years with friendly friends and gentle teachers.

The most impressive memory in my Kavanagh life is the annual school formal party which Kavanagh organises in the end of term 3 for year 12 and 13 students.

The formal party was actually really a fresh experience for me because I never had a chance to have such a gorgeous and fun party in Japan. I think if I stay in Japan to go to high school, I would have never had the amazing experience.

I just picked up the one experience but actually, I had countless amazing experiences in my Kavanagh life such as sports activities, Kavanagh Day and trips with my friends in NZ. These experiences are really impressive and unforgettable and all these experiences made me grow up amazingly in 3 years. The reason why I could have these experiences is that I was Kavanagh student. So big thanks to all my friends and teachers have supported me for 3 years.