June Burapatanin, Thailand, Year 13

By Rachel Mortimer | Posted: Wednesday December 3, 2014

New Zealand is peaceful and beautiful place to study and explore.

 I decided to study at Kavanagh College, Dunedin because this city has historic and cultural significance, many schools and a great university. Kavanagh College is a coed Catholic school with a great uniform and it located near to town which you can hang around with friends after school. My first impression of this school is friendly and welcoming friends and teachers, which made me feel relaxed and comfortable to be around them. 

There are so many different activities that you can take part in such as music, sports, musical, speech competition etc. Moreover, there are lots of events during the school year such as Kavanagh's Day, Sport Day, Kavanagh's got talent and Formal for the leavers. In the past years that I have been studying here, this school made me feel that I am the part of this College and It makes me proud to say that I graduated from Kavanagh College.