Principal's Message

By Kate Nicholson | Posted: Thursday October 24, 2019


It has been just a short time since I began in the principal position, but I have been made very welcome by staff, students and parents – thank you. During that time, I have been speaking with many staff, having enrolment meetings with new entrants, talking with some of you, and getting to know students as well as spending time in classrooms and at school events. Needless to say, six weeks is only a very short time to feel that I have the whole picture! However, the picture is beginning to take shape and, as a staff, we have spent quite a few hours already looking at what we want for Kavanagh moving forward into next year and beyond. This week has involved some discussions about integrated digital learning in the classroom to prepare our young people for the world of further training and the workplace, and we have spent time reflecting on our behaviour management system and restorative processes. What really inspires me is that in all these discussions, your children are at the heart of them. Catholic education is well known for its holistic approach where the individual is at the centre, and I know that is at the core of Kavanagh’s philosophy too. I am interested in any parent and whanau feedback we can use to determine our direction so we know we are best serving you as our community. You will find that various review feedback and surveys are sent to you during this term. I appreciate that these emails are often more clutter in your inbox, but please take the time to respond so that your voice can be heard as we make decisions for your children. I am also happy to talk with you directly if you would like to pop in at any time – you are most welcome.

With the news last night that a referendum on the End of Life Choice Bill is closer to being reality next year, let us pray that the leaders we have asked to think, act and decide on our behalf, will remember and reflect on the fact that life is sacred and deserves to be honoured and protected because it is a gift from God.

Have a wonderfully warm (hopefully in weather terms also!) long weekend.