Gean Costa Moises, Brazil, Year 12

By Gean Costa Moises | Posted: Saturday December 3, 2016

When we start to think about being an exchange student we never imagine what exactly will happen, but it isn't bad, it's very good, because we are going to experiment with the unknown, and it is where we begin to grow.

Walking into the unknown requires much more than we can imagine, and this is a big decision in our lives because the unique thing that we know is that we will change a lot.

We will see that we not only left our things and our family behind. We left ourselves somewhere to go rebuild there, and we will never come back the same.

Here in NZ, we started to like things that we never imagined liking, e.g. milk and tea, the cold weather and the most strange foods.

But often change is the realisation of a dream and that alone will make you happier, and probably you will smile many times more, it may be because we saw snow for the first time or saw the sun again after hours of rain.

The time here is very short, but still I'll not fail to take advantage here, because the time flies, it is unique, and all that is happening is unique too.

Someday I can come back to Dunedin again, but it will not be the same as I'm living now. Here equals the water of a river, always being renewed every moment; we will never have the same people together. Nothing will be equal, then we will live every day here in NZ as if it was the last one here, enjoying every second.