Aaron Sim, South Korea, Year 13

By Aaron Sim | Posted: Wednesday December 3, 2014

About two years ago, I came to New Zealand with my sister from South Korea for studying English and to taste another countrys culture. I had a lot of different experiences in here.

My mum planned to send us overseas to study many years ago, and I came here when I was 15. From the aircraft, language was a big problem to us. Even one day when I was in my old homestay, I took a wrong bus from town but I could not really figure out where I was when I realised I got on the wrong one, so I had to walk back home. I still remember that sombre and wet street. 

Through many silly and beneficial experiences, I got used to Dunedin, New Zealand and I improved my English skills a lot though. Also, I had a basketball season last year and I was in the Kavanagh social team. We lost most of the games but it was good that I was able to play basketball more officially in New Zealand, because there is a very small chance to play proper basketball games in South Korea.

I successfully finished my junior year here at Kavanagh College and I am year 12 this year. The first day I came here feels like just yesterday but it’s been two years already. Few months ago, I went to year12 retreat. Many people recommended me to go and I really had fun in there. That was a good chance to get more close with many kiwi friends.

Coming to New Zealand was a good choice and I am having fun. I hope many students who are looking forward for studying overseas come to New Zealand.