Winter Sports Subs

By Anna Louw-Young | Posted: Friday June 12, 2020

Winter sports teams have now been decided and sports subs are now due

If your child is playing a winter sport, their Edge Account will now be loaded with subs for their chosen sport.

Subs are as follow:

Badminton = 60.00
Basketball Snr/Jnr A = $95.00
Basketball Year 9-13 = $85.00
Miniball = $60.00
Football = $40.00
Netball Snr A = $165.00
Netball Year 9-13 = $65.00
Netball Year 7-8 = $85.00 (this covers entry into Edgar centre)
Rugby U17 = $80.00
Rugby boys = $50.00
Rugby girls = $40.00
Curling = $80.00
Hockey Year 9-13 = $150.00
Hockey Year 7-8 = $85.00

Thank you to those who have already paid these fees. If you require financial assistance, please contact Anna in the Bursar's Office or Liz Cameron the School Councillor to discuss.

If your child has decided to pull out of a sport, they must advise the Sports Co-Ordinator, Michael MacKenzie, in the first instance. Fees will be removed from your account subject to a discussion with him.