Principal's Message

By Kate Nicholson | Posted: Monday June 22, 2020

Kumusta, Kia ora tātou, Talofa lava, Greetings to you all

‘Exciting times ahead’ is a phrase I have heard from many staff after a very successful Teacher Only Day on Monday. We had a big day reviewing our current curriculum delivery, thinking creatively about how it could look different, whilst remembering our vision statement, “Kavanagh College exists to promote excellence in learning and teaching in a climate of faith and pastoral care for the Catholic Community of Dunedin”. This statement along with current educational best practice, experiences of other schools, and staff, student and whanau feedback from various surveys, informed our thinking for the day. Excellence in learning and teaching is where we are determined to be, and that is our core business as a school, but we are very aware of the ‘soft skills’ and the lifelong attributes that our students need to take with them into life after school. It was refreshing and reassuring to hear that our staff at Kavanagh want to be part of ‘value added education’ where a holistic education encompassing attributes such as creativity, resilience, collaboration, communication, perseverance and of course living in the world as Jesus would, will see our graduates well prepared for the future. Now the hard work begins … making this all become part of what we do every day!

Thank you so much for your support of our casual dress mufti day on Wednesday; I feel privileged to be part of such a caring and generous college community. Rest assured that your donations will be added to the cans collected by our Catholic contributing schools and then make their way to those in need in our community.

Please spread the word about our Open Day on Sunday August 2nd at 2pm. Information will be going out to schools before the holidays. If you know of people who want to continue or begin a faith-based education for their children, please encourage them to visit us or make a time to meet with me.

“Lord, in the midst of winter, when the days are cold, and wind can pierce ….. remind us of the warmth of your love. In the midst of winter, when days are short, dawn comes late, and dusk arrives early ….. remind us that in the darkness your light still shines, Amen”

Have a wonderful weekend in the warmth of family and friends,

Nāku iti noa, nā