Shakespeare Ora Aotearoa

By Erica Ward | Posted: Thursday June 25, 2020

Shakespeare Ora Aotearoa is a one-off event, with support of the Ministry of Youth Development, for young people between 15 and 24 years old. Ellen Redfearn and Emily Kerr-Bell were delighted to be selected for this years development workshop in Wellington

Ellen Redfearn and Emily Kerr-Bell were selected to attend the programme and travelled to Wellington in the school holidays. 

Over the course of the programme the girls explored a variety of topics/issues present in Shakespeares works that are relevant to today - such as mental health, social status and environmental. Using Shakespearean characters as inspiration to explore contemporary issues is of huge interest to the girls. They also collaborated with students from across the country to put on a performance that was filmed. These performances will be made into educational resources for other schools to use in the future when studying Shakespeare. The programme also offered an opportunity to network with a range of theatre professionals based in Wellington 

A massive congratulations to both girls!

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