Fundraising Opportunity at the Stadium

By Anna Louw-Young | Posted: Friday January 29, 2021

There is an opportunity this year for students aged over 16 (but will consider responsible Year 11) and/or their parents to work at the Forsyth Bar Stadium at different events throughout the year, on behalf of Kavanagh College as part of fundraising for school activities

A number of students and/or parents are usually required to work at different events ie. rugby matches, concerts etc.

This is a great opportunity to help cover costs of your child's school expenses and can be used for any payments relevant to your school account ie. uniform costs, camp fees, sports subs, sports trips, classroom activities etc.

It is also a good chance for students to gain work experience.
The length of time you are required to work ranges from 2 hours for a rugby game to 6 hours for a concert, and usually involves ticket scanning.

If you are interested in this awesome opportunity, please email Kerron Thomson, who will add your name to the list and advise when events are coming up. There is no pressure to work every event.

Please note, this is for fundraising purposes only and all monies raised go on your child's school account. We cannot, by law, pay this directly to you.