HPV Vaccination Programme

By Staff | Posted: Thursday January 28, 2021

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programme will be offered to all Year 8 students at school this year.

During early-mid February, the Public Health Nurses associated with each school will be doing education around the vaccinations to the year 8 students. The students will be given a consent form to take home to their parents/caregivers. If you do not wish for your child to partake in the education please contact the school.

Please read the consent form carefully, fill it out in pen and return it to school ASAP, even if you do not consent for your child to be vaccinated at school.

No student will be vaccinated without their parent/caregiver’s consent.

The HPV vaccination is also available free of charge through your practice nurse or doctor up to their 26th birthday. Delaying the vaccine may mean your child needs more injections to be protected, as people aged 15 years and older need three injections.

For more information please see the attached letter from the Southern District Health Board.