Year 13 Geography Field Trip to the South Coast

By Sue Roberts-Blyth | Posted: Tuesday March 30, 2021

Year 13 Geo took a trip to Tunnel and Tomahawk Beaches last Friday to learn about the natural processes that have interacted to create the formation of the beaches.

To help us with our research we measured and graphed the beach profiles, used oranges to record the longshore drift, and counted waves to work out if they were constructive or destructive. We also made observations on the wind processes (aeolian), evidence of erosion, vegetation and the geology of the area.

We bumped into the Year 13 Kings Geographers who were undertaking the same research, and getting equally wet feet as a result of recent erosion at Tunnel Beach. We also managed to get in some world-class cricket and beach volleyball. A big thank you to Mrs Mortimer who came with us and was an invaluable help. And thank you to Cooke Howlison Toyota for the free use of their van. 

Image by: Cooke Howlison

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