Staffing Changes Term Two

By Kate Nicholson | Posted: Thursday April 15, 2021

There is some staff movement in term two, but we have done our best to ensure quality and experienced teachers are taking up classes where there has been some disruption due to this movement.

From Term Two, Mrs Kathleen O’Kane (DRS) will work alongside the Senior Leadership Team and will have academic and pastoral oversight of the year 10 and 11 students. Please contact Kathleen for any queries that you may have otherwise directed to Mrs Kerr-Bell about your children in these year levels.

Mr Greg Boyle will be teaching Mrs Kerr-Bell’s senior RE classes, and one of Mrs O’Kane’s classes to allow her time for her leadership position.

We have appointed Mr Richard McNaught to the position vacated by Mr Dave Dougherty. Richard is currently in charge of Visual Design at Kings High School and is looking forward to joining us at Kavanagh College in the workshop technology area. For term two we look forward to the return of Mr Brian O’Kane to look after our workshop students until Richard arrives in term three.

We congratulate Mr Daniel Kelly (Head of Maths) on receiving a Secondary Teachers' Sabbatical for term two. Daniel will be using this time to do research and visit schools around New Zealand. We will welcome Mr Malcolm Nuttall into our college for term two to teach Daniel’s classes. Malcolm has moved to Dunedin after teaching maths, statistics and calculus for a number of years at Mt Albert Grammar School in Auckland.