Behaviour Contract: For trips during school time and overnight

By Anita Van den Beld | Posted: Monday March 12, 2018

The rules that follow are basic requirements for your physical and emotional safety. Basic school rules apply; in particular, students are expected to obey instructions and to act with common sense and consideration to others.

1.  Not to bring or use alcohol or drugs. There is to be no smoking at any time, for safety and health reasons. The normal school rule prohibiting smoking or drinking applies.

2.  All outdoor activities must be supervised. Keep together as a group and have regular head counts. When running or walking along the road, keep to the right-hand side.

3. To sleep in the designated bunkroom and be quiet after lights out; a full night’s sleep is essential if students are to enjoy all the activities and make the most of the time on camp.

  • The cabins /rooms must be kept clean and tidy. There will be a daily inspection. Any damage is to be reported and will normally be charged to those responsible

  • Students must not leave the camp or the clearing ground around it without the approval of the teacher in charge.

  • Any students who contravene these requirements may risk being sent home, after consultation with the Principal. The parent/caregiver will be notified as soon as practicable and the cost of the return journey will be met by them.