By Benjamin Mahoney | Posted: Wednesday June 2, 2021

Hi everyone

Week 8 is Enviroweek! We have a range of activities we are running such as wax wrap making workshops, clothing swaps, climate education and waste reduction. This Enviroweek will have a focus on learning how to use the recycling bins correctly and better understanding of climate change.

On Monday the Enviro Council had a look at the contents of the recycling bins around Kavanagh to see how well we have been recycling as a school. Unfortunately we have found that about half of the rubbish in the recycling bins were unable to be recycled which meant that all of the recycling bins had to be emptied into the waste bin. We hope this Enviroweek we all learn something new that will help us recycle better so we can make a difference.

A small reminder that recycling here is the same is at home and we have attached a photo from the council.

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