Hockey Report

By Michael MacKenzie | Posted: Tuesday June 19, 2018

This week the lads took on the Tokomairiro 1st XI

From the first whistle, it was evident that this would be a good competition, both teams played at a very high intensity and maintained this intensity throughout the match. 

Kavanagh attacked hard and frequently, but lacked co-ordination whilst on attack and with a strong defence and a stellar performance from Tokomairiro’s goalkeeper, Kavanagh was kept scoreless well into the first half. 

As the team began to link more passes, more goals were converted.  There was a quality goal from Sam Sherriff who struck from the top of the circle, slotting the ball right into the corner, making up for receiving a yellow card earlier in the match. 

Standout performances from Beldon Webb and Paddy Craft, who performed brilliantly on and off the ball throughout the match. Final score, Kavanagh 5-1 Tokomairiro.