Principal's Message

By Kate Nicholson | Posted: Friday September 17, 2021

Warm Spring Greetings to all

Next Wedneday, 29th September, celebrates “Catholic Schools Day”, a national day that recognises the special place that Catholic schooling has within our country. Often, it is a case of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and I realise that many of you have not experienced any other type of schooling, either for yourselves or for your children. But it is different. A colleague once described Catholic schooling as having a soul in comparison to state schools. Just this week, another (neutral) person in the wider education sector spoke about the particular care that our students experience at Kavanagh compared to other schools. Not that I like to be in a position where comparisons between different schools is a game of one-upmanship, but having experienced many types of schools within my teaching career, I tend to agree. Pastoral care, a sense of belonging, and inclusion is a strength of Catholic schools and I am pleased that Jesus’ teachings are reflected in this way in our schools.

Yesterday, I was very pleased to receive some complimentary messages from Mercy Parishioners who provide meals for families. Our seniors have been rostering on to help with the cooking of these meals for the last couple of years. I would like to pass on one message I received:

“We had a great afternoon preparing meals for ‘families through schools’. Again, Kavanagh students were exemplary in providing their time and energy to help with this effort. They help with joy! They experience the joy of service and are willing to do whatever, chopping, cooking, dishes, drying etc. Our colleague, who picks up and returns the students, has often remarked 'How do you get such good students?'  For weeks and weeks over the last two years we have welcomed students to help. I have never heard a bad word or an argument. Their sense of purpose, willingness to work together and knowledge of how they are supporting their community is fantastic. We get a huge benefit from their labour, and in return, they get to experience the joy of service to their community. They are a ‘light’ in our community.”

So, while I often speak of learning matters, Catholic Schools Day is a reminder to not take for granted the other wonderful opportunities the Kavanagh provides to develop all-round wonderful young people who go on to become positive, caring, contributors within our community.

Next Friday, we will farewell Mrs Shirley Jackson who is retiring, and Mātua Tim Lucas who leaves us to become Principal of St Peter Chanel School, at our end of term assembly. Unfortunately, due to Level 2 restrictions we won’t be able to have any visitors attending our assembly, however I assure you that these two long-serving staff will be treated to a special farewell. 


Father, Thank you for all those men and women who have given their talents to educating our young people. 

Through the challenges they encounter each day, lead them to an ever deeper appreciation of the sacred duty to which you have called them. 

We give thanks for the invaluable work of all those who contribute to the efficient running of our schools; support staff, kitchen staff, maintenance staff, governors and chaplains. We thank them for their hard work and dedication and we pray that they may continue to work in support of our schools. 

Thank you for all those who lead our Catholic schools. 

May they be people of integrity so that they can be witnesses as well as teachers. We pray that the schools they lead will become places where our young people can experience your love in their lives. 

Thank you for our Catholic schools. 

Help us to pray without ceasing, to work without wavering and to give without grudging in order to ensure the future of Catholic education for all of our children 

We make this prayer through your Son, Jesus Christ, our teacher and our Lord, 


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